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Macmillan Kondowe

My Name is Macmillan Kondowe. I’m a Social Worker with 8 years of experience. I’ve worked for ADASA since 2016. I started my journey as a part-time contract social worker, working with an NGO called Age in Action, and I ran the programmes concurrently with that of ADASA. 

I’m solely working for ADASA running the whole of Limpopo Region. I’m very versatile and have well-rounded analytical and quantitative skills, blended with knowledge of mental health, gerontology, direct counseling, service intervention, and advocacy.

I’ve got a Masters Degree with a special focus in Mental Health directly related to Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Macmillan Kondowe
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Limpopo Province is located in the northern region of South Africa; its natural topography is characterised by a semi-arid to tropical semi-arid terrain. Our main office is based in Polokwane the capital of the province. Polokwane which means the ‘place of safety’ as it exudes an environment that is always peaceful and accommodative. The province according to statistics in 2012 projected the 2nd highest population of Older Persons in South Africa according to size and distribution. This further enhances the need for such an organisation that caters to the needs of Older Persons and their well-being. The Province is also diverse as it consists of several ethnic groups which in some way strengthens the organisation with a better understanding of different races and ways to assist individuals, families, and communities in a Holistic Approach. We have 5 support groups and 6 volunteers.

Services Offered

The organisation is responsible for rendering services to Older Persons by providing training and education to the community members, home-based carers, care workers, and nursing staff of Residential Care Facilities in Limpopo. Our partnership with the Department of Health ensures access to clinics and hospitals throughout the province. Furthermore, we offer services to older persons by means of awareness programs through various exhibitions, radio talk shows, and community campaigns. 

In addition, we seek to provide services to older persons by means of support to individuals and families through intensive Counselling, Casework, Group work, and extensive Community development all for the betterment of the families, communities, and persons suffering from Dementia.

Staff Members

The organisation is comprised of various professionals all equipped with skills and the zeal to be change agents for the province. Our staff members work in a team environment which triggers members to be goal oriented and be objective driven. The team is comprised of strong personalities which has allowed them to be good listeners and better at working with people.

We are here to help you

Alzheimer’s is a terrifying disease with devastating effects, but for someone who’s never witnessed it, it can be hard to imagine that such changes can happen to a loved one. As ADASA we pledge our allegiance to supporting and educating individuals, families, and communities about Dementia, especially Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you think someone you love may be showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, or if you’re having trouble coping with a loved one already suffering, call our ADASA Helpline at 0860 102 681.

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Venda Group

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Macmillan Kondowe
+27 72 186 7524

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